How does ModuleQ know what I care about?

ModuleQ determines your business priorities based on the frequency and recency of communication with external organizations in Outlook. ModuleQ will also factor in any topics or organizations that you manually add to your Profile.

Outlook Activity

When ModuleQ first starts building your Profile, it begins by looking at your recent Outlook activity. ModuleQ will look at any emails and calendar events from the past 30 days, and upcoming calendar events, and from that will determine a list of external organizations that you might consider a business priority.  From ModuleQ's perspective, organizations you communicate and meet with more frequently will be a higher priority for you. 

Manually Entered Topics/Organizations 

Because there might be additional organizations or topics that you are interested in, ModuleQ provides you with the opportunity to manually add those into your Profile at any time. Once added, these topics and organizations will be considered priorities and based on your feedback, ModuleQ will adjust its understanding of their relevancy to you.

Tip: If you have large public organizations in your Profile, consider adding Topics to help ModuleQ learn which types of news about those large organizations you are most interested in. For example, if news about Mergers & Acquisitions or Financial Services within your customer base is of interest to you, you might consider adding "Mergers / Acquisitions" and "Financial Services" to your list of Topics. ModuleQ will then highlight any news about your organizational priorities that also feature those topics, so you can receive news more tailored to your interests.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 11.23.31 AMTeach the AI behind ModuleQ

As you continue to use ModuleQ, be sure to mark content as being "Useful" or "Not Useful" according to their relevancy to you. Like any AI tool, ModuleQ will get smarter over time and will improve with your interaction. Typically, our users experience a relevancy hit rate of about 70% after 1 month of interacting with ModuleQ.