People-Facing AI for Revenue Generation

The true drivers of financial sustainability and profitability are your people, yet they’re suffering from information overload. By the time they’ve identified, gathered, and verified the data they need, it’s time to move onto the next task—and the hamster wheel starts anew.

A new guide from ModuleQ and Microsoft explores how People-Facing AI empowers your frontline professionals by surfacing highly personalized insights exactly when they’re needed. Read how AI optimizes the flow of relevant knowledge at every level of your business to drive—and improve—key business outcomes.

In this guide, you’ll discover how People-Facing AI:

  • Enables everyone to be more effective with more personalized and timely information.
  • Augments multiple C-suite functions including revenue, customer, people, data, learning, and Treasury and ESG.
  • Generates high end-user engagement by integrating directly into popular online collaboration workspaces like Microsoft Teams.


Exactly the information people need, just when they need it