Press Release

Fred Amoroso Joins ModuleQ Advisory Board

Tech Leader Sees Compelling Opportunity In Mobile Sales Enablement

Founder & CEO David Brunner announced the addition of former Yahoo Chairman Fred Amoroso to the ModuleQ Advisory Board. A respected and highly accomplished technology executive, Amoroso formerly served as CEO of Rovi and CEO of CrossWorlds Software. Prior to joining Rovi, Amoroso was a member of the Worldwide Management Committee at IBM.

"CRM systems help managers forecast revenue, but burden front-line reps who have to enter the data," said Amoroso. "ModuleQ recognized the need for a personal sales productivity tool so frontline reps can drive more deals through their funnel, faster. This is a compelling opportunity and I'm looking forward to working with the ModuleQ team."

Mobile Sales Enablement tools that complement CRM systems have become a necessity for client-facing employees. Due to the limiting form-factor of smartphones, it is crucial that these business apps are efficient and focus on the needs of the end-users.  The apps must surface the most timely, relevant, and actionable information.  ModuleQ delivers on this need while also addressing the trend that users tend to blend their personal and professional lives by bringing their own devices to work.

"As a veteran executive with expertise in both enterprise and consumer markets, Fred is uniquely qualified to help us navigate the transformation of enterprise software being driven by mobile technology," said Brunner. "We're delighted to have a leader with Fred's stature and keen management judgment as our advisor." Amoroso joins former CEO John Dillon and former SoFi Chief Community Officer Pete Hartigan on ModuleQ's Advisory Board.


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