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LSEG AI Alerts, powered by ModuleQ

AI Transformation

ModuleQ’s Unprompted AI delivers quality insights to bankers based on their areas of focus, their workflows, and their data sources.


Stay informed when public filings are made, when board members move, and when your colleagues meet with target companies.


Receive a new mandate alert filled with actionable content, to stay on top of new channels of business.​​


Receive a pre-meeting brief to minimize time to prep, as well as new mandate alerts so you can strike while the iron’s hot.​​


Sunil is an FSG Banker for a large enterprise bank. He leverages ModuleQ to stay up to date across his private equity sponsors, the underlying portfolio companies, and their comps.

Significant Development Alert:

Significant Development@2x
New Mandate@2x


Mary is an ECM banker, she leverages ModuleQ’s New Mandate Alerts to improve her pitching and gain visibility across her team.

New Mandate Alert:


Greg is a TMT banker who leverages ModuleQ’s Pre-Meeting Alert to reduce prep time before prospect meetings​.

Pre-Meeting Alert:

PMA - CRM@2x

LSEG-AI-Alerts (1)-1

ModuleQ has teamed up with LSEG to create LSEG AI Alerts, helping LSEG customers get greater value from their data by surfacing the right information to the right banker at the right moment.

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