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LSEG AI Alerts, powered by ModuleQ  

LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) is a diversified global financial markets infrastructure and data business. ModuleQ has partnered with LSEG to deliver LSEG AI Alerts, powered by ModuleQ, which provides personalized, timely, and actionable market insights to financial professionals. 

Partnership Background

Product: LSEG AI Alerts, powered by ModuleQ

Benefits: Native integrations into LSEG Data & Analytics for LSEG Access Customers

Partner Since: 2018


Driving Teams & Azure Adoption  

ModuleQ is available as a Microsoft Teams application, transforming Teams into an Insights Hub. An extensible workflow platform tailored to customer-facing professionals. To address security and compliance requirements, the solution is deployed as a Microsoft 365 add-on within the customer’s Azure tenant. Microsoft Partner designations showcase our dedication to staying up to date on Microsoft technology as well as compliant with security best practices. ModuleQ has met the requirements for the following Microsoft Partner designations: 

  • Microsoft 365 Certification
  • Solutions partner for Data and AI (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Digital and App Innovation (Azure)
  • Solutions partner for Infrastructure (Azure)

Partnership Background

AppSource: ModuleQ AI on Teams

Benefits: Transforming Microsoft Teams into an insights hub by surfacing personalize information and data from across enterprise source systems

Solution Partner Since: 2021

LSEG-AI-Alerts (1)-1

ModuleQ has teamed up with LSEG to create LSEG AI Alerts, helping LSEG customers get greater value from their data by surfacing the right information to the right banker at the right moment.

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