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ModuleQ and Thomson Reuters Announce Partnership

Helping provide proactive distribution of mission-critical business information to clients’ front-line personnel.

ModuleQ and Thomson Reuters announced a partnership to assist professionals with time-sensitive insights. The companies are integrating their AI technologies to help provide proactive distribution of mission-critical business information to clients’ front-line personnel.

As the volume of digital information expands exponentially, knowledge-based businesses are looking for new ways to help their professionals keep up.  The solution combines AI technology from Thomson Reuters to extract important business insights from large volumes of data with ModuleQ’s AI, which maps business insights to the fast-changing priorities of individual professionals.  Integrated, these technologies are designed to provide insights automatically tailored to reflect the current business priorities of each professional, enriched with financial information from Thomson Reuters. The service is expected to be particularly valuable to professional services businesses whose consultants need to keep on top of the very latest news relevant to their clients.

ModuleQ uses intelligent agent technology to engage professionals where they work in Microsoft Office 365.  The company’s enterprise solutions are delivered as virtual appliances on Microsoft Azure, providing behind-the-firewall security and privacy.

“Timely, relevant information is crucial to professionals,” said David Brunner Ph.D., Founder & CEO at ModuleQ.  “Together, ModuleQ and Thomson Reuters will provide turn-key AI solutions that are designed to surface the right information to the right person at the right time, seamlessly, within the tools where they already work.”

“Our accumulated expertise in financial Information and using semantic technology at scale enables us to deliver AI solutions across a broad range of client needs,” said Tim Baker, Global Head of Innovation at Thomson Reuters. “We’re excited to partner with ModuleQ to deliver information feeds that are automatically personalized and proactively delivered to help power smarter ways of working for business professionals.”

ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion AI is based on data fusion technology originally developed for situational awareness in military theatres.  ModuleQ adapted the technology to cut through information overload and help professionals stay informed about their priorities.

Thomson Reuters’ proprietary AI solutions are optimized for analyzing business content. “Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph encodes deep market and industry-specific expertise, making it more effective for interpreting business documents,” said Anupriya Ankolekar PhD, Co-Founder & Principal Scientist at ModuleQ.

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