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ModuleQ Announces Knowledge Delivery Solution 'Q' for Microsoft Teams

AI-Powered Bot Gives Client-Facing Professionals The Knowledge They Need

Today, ModuleQ® launched Q, an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solution for Microsoft Teams. Q helps client-facing professionals build more valuable business relationships by delivering relevant knowledge assets at the right time.

"Companies are sitting on goldmines of knowledge assets that are not reaching the front lines," said Ms. Sherry Harmon, ModuleQ Chief Revenue Officer. "To be a successful professional, you need to be responsive to your clients' needs. That means having the right information at the right time. Q bridges the gap between knowledge management and fast-moving professionals on the front lines."

Q consists of two components: a cloud-based AI engine and a bot for Teams. The AI engine uses ModuleQ's proprietary Personal Data Fusion™ technology to identify the knowledge assets that are most relevant and timely for each client-facing professional. The bot delivers the knowledge assets to the user and learns from the user's feedback, getting smarter over time.

To deliver Q to enterprise customers, ModuleQ is integrating with Teams. "We need to inject AI seamlessly into the collaborative workflow of busy professionals," said Dr. David Brunner, ModuleQ Founder & CEO. "That requires support for bot messaging, interactive dashboards, and document search and retrieval, as well as enterprise-ready identity management and security. When Teams was announced, we immediately recognized it as the platform we had been waiting for."

"We're excited to see the integrations our ecosystem partners are creating for the Microsoft Teams platform, built on Microsoft Office 365, enhance the overall experience we're delivering to our users," said Bhrighu Sareen, General Manager for Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Corp. "ModuleQ's application for Teams enables people to achieve more through building more valuable business relationships."


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