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ModuleQ Announces Sales Productivity Solution for Microsoft Teams

Personal Data Fusion Streamlines Transition from Email to Chat

ModuleQ® announced today that the company will build a sales productivity solution for Microsoft Teams, the new collaboration platform unveiled by Microsoft today and scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2017. ModuleQ's solution is a chatbot: an artificial intelligence system that talks with users through a messaging app as if the chatbot were another human. ModuleQ's chatbot keeps sales teams informed about critical sales activities, resulting in shorter sales cycles and higher win rates.

"Chatbots are driving a once-in-a-lifetime paradigm shift in how professionals work," said Dr. David Brunner, ModuleQ Founder & CEO. "The current paradigm is email-centric. As professionals, we're overloaded with fragmentary information from hundreds of people and systems. Email overload slows us down and stresses us out. The new paradigm is chat-centric. Artificial intelligence works behind the scenes to organize our data, keep us on track, and accelerate us toward our goals."

ModuleQ has chosen to optimize its new solution for Microsoft Teams. "Microsoft is the leader in knowledge worker productivity solutions, and now Microsoft Teams is the obvious choice for teams seeking to escape from email overload," said Brunner. "The ability to effortlessly organize projects, conversations, files, and related resources is transformative for busy professionals. We're excited to provide a solution that makes Microsoft Teams even more directly relevant to enterprise sales teams."

"Enterprise sales are increasingly complex and fast-paced, so sales professionals need AI to keep up," said Ms. Sherry Harmon, ModuleQ Chief Revenue Officer. "It's all about responsiveness to your customers: tapping into your organization's resources as quickly and flexibly as possible to propose solutions. Whether you're an account executive on the front line with the customer or a first-line manager coaching your reps, ModuleQ's chatbot helps you mobilize your people with the right information at the right time."

ModuleQ's chatbot provides seamless integration between Microsoft Teams, email, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, streamlining the transition from email to team chat. The chatbot is powered by the company's Personal Data Fusion engine, which uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and expert knowledge to understand what professionals are working on and provide important alerts, reminders, and reports. Adding ModuleQ to Microsoft Teams brings together all your high-priority information in one place, so you stay focused and your team stays in sync.