Thought Leadership

How ModuleQ Contextualizes ChatGPT for Next-level Employee Experience

AI adoption will be a top C-level priority over the next five years. The more symbiotically AI partners with each individual employee, the more AI can help them achieve their goals. By empowering employees, AI drives better outcomes across the board: from employee experience, learning, and retention to productivity, revenue growth, and profitability.

Public availability of ChatGPT has thrilled business leaders with the potential for AI copilots to help their people work faster and smarter. ChatGPT (and its underlying Large Language Model technology) provides a transformative capability to generate key building blocks of knowledge work—summaries, explanations, analyses—in native human language. To ensure these building blocks fit together and maximize meaningful business outcomes, ChatGPT can be personalized to each employee’s goals, preferences, and real-time business context.

In the same way that humans follow general mastery of language with more specialized professional training, ChatGPT becomes more powerful when used together with industry-tuned AI systems such as ModuleQ. ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI® is the extensible enterprise platform for delivering results-oriented, hyper-personalized ChatGPT experiences directly in the flow of collaboration.

Heightened Situational Awareness: Personal Data Fusion®

Data Fusion AI technology was developed to pierce the fog of war, enhancing situational awareness for commanding officers so they can seize opportunities and mitigate threats. Personal Data Fusion applies this concept to the workflow of each individual employee.

While ChatGPT is trained on a massive corpus of Internet text, ModuleQ is personal: it learns your business priorities from your work data such as your emails, calendar appointments, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system records. Our patented Personal Data Fusion technology automatically follows the ever-changing network of people, organizations, transactions, projects, and practice areas that matter to you, continuously updating as your work progresses.

ModuleQ’s algorithms are designed to learn your interests, relationships, and priorities as precisely as possible. The more feedback you provide to ModuleQ, the more clearly it understands you, and the more targeted and valuable it becomes. In contrast to the profoundly impenetrable statistical models powering ChatGPT, ModuleQ’s explainable AI shows you the profile it has generated for you and explains its recommendations.

ModuleQ’s deep, real-time understanding of your work context can be used to tailor the output of ChatGPT to your specific business circumstances. For example, ModuleQ continuously monitors global information feeds for business developments related to your current priorities. The deluge of information is overwhelming. ChatGPT can help by generating concise summaries of news articles, research reports, product announcements, earnings call transcripts, regulatory actions, and more, but there’s still too much information for any human to digest. Working alongside ChatGPT, ModuleQ can filter the flood of updates, calling your attention to those most relevant to your clients and coverage areas.

Anchoring to Context: Structured Industry Knowledge

ChatGPT is a capable generalist, but needs support to perform knowledge-intensive tasks because its knowledge about the world is tacit. This tacit knowledge is suffused into billions of mathematical values called parameters that capture the relationships between words in the text that ChatGPT has “read.” ChatGPT’s knowledge cannot be extracted, audited, corrected, updated, or reasoned with logically. To help ChatGPT generate accurate output, it needs guidance from AI systems working on a foundation of explicit, structured, up-to-date knowledge.

ModuleQ was designed to reason with extensive stores of industry knowledge in the form of knowledge graphs that capture key facts about people, organizations, and transactions, and how they relate to each other. Through our partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), we can incorporate extensive financial market knowledge such as comprehensive records of M&A transactions, corporate ownership hierarchies, officer and director appointments, and peer company sets.

Personal Data Fusion and structured industry knowledge enable ModuleQ to guide ChatGPT so that its output is more relevant to your context and workflow. For example, consider asking ChatGPT to suggest discussion topics for a meeting with the CEO of a client organization. Without context and knowledge, ChatGPT may not even identify the right person, perhaps fixating on a movie star with the same name (we have seen this happen!) With contextual guidance from ModuleQ, ChatGPT generates more useful and incisive topic suggestions oriented to your business relationship and informed by recent events.

How to Accelerate Business Growth & Increase Professional Productivity

Together, ModuleQ and ChatGPT are a platform for connecting the dots across business data and accelerating employees to effective action. ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion platform brings together fragmentary workflow information scattered across siloed systems, enabling organizations to deliver seamless, hyper-personalized employee experiences. ModuleQ People-Facing AI cues up these experiences proactively at timely moments, and learns each employee’s interests and priorities from their feedback.

ChatGPT enriches these personalized ModuleQ experiences by constructing more concentrated and distilled insights, giving employees more penetrating and timely awareness of information that matters to them, from external content to proprietary documents and even (in ways that respect privacy and access permissions) internal conversations and meetings. Guided by personal workflow context and industry knowledge from ModuleQ, the generative capabilities of ChatGPT help drive action by suggesting reasons to call and discuss topics. In combination with Microsoft Viva Sales, ChatGPT can draft outreach emails.

Personalization is the force multiplier. ChatGPT and ModuleQ reduce the time required to find information and generate formulaic content, so people can be more creative and strategic. The more the AI understands and adapts to you, the more it will fuel your creativity and give you a head start on generating content, and the more productive and successful you will be.