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Refinitiv aims to transform customer experience and seller productivity with ModuleQ AI Platform

Global financial marketplace requires innovation to stay competitive

A London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) business with annual revenue of $6.25 billion, Refinitiv is one of the world’s largest providers of information and technology that supports investing, trading, and risk decisions. Refinitiv provides more than 55 billion time-critical updates in financial markets to more than 40,000 customers and 400,000 end-users every day.

LSEG acquired Refinitiv with a vision to expand its competitive edge in the fast-paced global finance markets and to benefit more of the financial community using Refinitiv’s trusted, high-value insights in trading and banking, along with its broad portfolio of investment, wealth, risk, and enterprise data solutions.


The emergence of AI in today’s financial marketplace

Refinitiv sales and account management teams require access to timely, comprehensive market insights to efficiently and effectively support its customers.

With ambitious goals to broaden its reach in the global financial marketplace, Refinitiv realized that it needed to support growth. It shifted its focus to customer-facing teams to lessen the burden of manually sifting through the growing volume of fleeting insights and endless threads of important data.

Refinitiv also recognized that the financial services industry was ripe for digital transformation using AI and the cloud. Underpinned with the brand strength of LSEG, a trusted 300-year-old institution, Refinitiv saw an opportunity to mix tradition with technological innovation to fully leverage its powerful data and customer relations worldwide.

“ModuleQ’s real-time AI-driven news updates are a powerful source of tailored insight into the industry trends impacting our customers in a complex, fast-moving world.”


Introducing intelligence tools aimed at increasing productivity

Refinitiv selected the ModuleQ AI Platform to gain an information edge for its customer-facing teams. ModuleQ is a secure AI platform that runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud, providing focused business intelligence for revenue-focused, customer-facing professionals. Using Azure aids ModuleQ in provide high levels of performance and security.

With its unique People-Facing AI®, ModuleQ connects dots for Refinitiv sales and account management professionals. The solution is available in the Microsoft Teams hub employees use every day. By cutting through digital clutter, employees proactively receive business insights distilled from personal data (calendars, email, social) and external business data (news and subscriptions). Insights are automatically surfaced at opportune moments and are easily shareable using Microsoft Teams. Professionals can also train ModuleQ by providing “Useful” and “Not Useful” feedback or adding specific companies and topics to their profiles.


Increasing customer intimacy to enhance long-term revenue growth

Debra Walton, Chief Revenue Officer at Refinitiv says, “ModuleQ’s real-time AI-driven news updates are a powerful source of tailored insight into the industry trends impacting our customers in a complex, fast-moving world.”

ModuleQ understands how people work, as well as how the business priorities of each professional are changing over time, so insights always stay relevant. Sales and account management teams can rely on People-Facing AI® to predict and deliver the information needed to maintain an intimate knowledge of their customer base, even as that base expands and evolves over time.


Connecting professionals with a universe of knowledge

Now, even as the volume and consumption of data continue to increase, professionals at Refinitiv can easily access mission-critical, decision-making content right when they need it. “In the world of sales, in all levels and roles, context is king,” notes Eric Filowitz, Global Head of Sales Operations and Enablement at LSEG. “And this is the type of tool that will provide that context on a recurring basis and will get smarter the more you use it.”

With ModuleQ, Refinitiv’s front-line professionals benefit from a heightened awareness of their customers’ business priorities, market-changing events, and emerging trends in their industries. Empowered and effective sales and account management teams provide a competitive edge for Refinitiv in the global financial industry.

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Refinitiv provides financial software and risk solutions – delivering news, information, and analytics, enabling transactions, and connecting the global community.

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