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Keep information flowing in a work-anywhere world

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Well-being at Work

While the health of your remote workforce is crucial to a healthy and productive operation, consider that well-being encompasses more than just physical wellbeing. Remote employees also need an environment in which they can thrive professionally. ModuleQ enhances the employee experience by opening brain space for creativity, innovation, and more effective collaboration. Keeping your people happy and healthy.


Struggling to maintain your culture in a remote world? 

The Challenge

Most organizations are trying to figure out how best to keep their culture alive while embracing the digital nomad, remote-first lifestyle for at least some team members. Remote work requires a new approach that focuses on communication and collaboration, rather than physical proximity. Remote work isn’t just about access; it’s about engagement. Remote workers need a sense that they belong if they’re going to be productive and innovative contributors from afar.

Our Solution

ModuleQ helps enhance your remote-first culture by enabling the flow of information virtually. We help remote teams stay connected, collaborate effectively, and work smarter by integrating with your existing internal communication tool.


Need help balancing productivity and innovation?

The Challenge

We’re all overworked, overstressed, and our brains are tired. We have trouble focusing on work that matters because we don’t know what to do next or where to find the right information. Our lives can be overwhelming with so much content coming at us from every direction. Even worse, we often miss important news altogether because it gets lost in a sea of irrelevant information and social media noise. It feels like there is never enough time in the day anymore for everything that needs doing – let alone any time left for creativity and innovation! CEOs say creativity is the #1 factor for future success (IBM), but most professionals feel like they do not have the time to be creative.

Our Solution

ModuleQ helps surface insights that people wouldn’t have seen or thought to search for, inspiring new ideas and approaches. Your team benefits from cross-pollination and getting beyond the familiar. Most importantly, our platform fosters creativity by making sure people don't feel overwhelmed with too much information or data overload. 


Struggling with tool and process adoption in your team?

The Challenge 
Businesses spend a lot of time and money rolling out new processes, tooling, and best practices, but most don't work. The reason for this is that the context matters tremendously. It is hard to know what is going to work well for your business without seeing piloting it with the people who will be affected by it.

Our Solution
ModuleQ is not another tool for your team to learn how to use, we are an insights experience built to enhance and augment how our users are already working. 


Struggling to keep employees happy and engaged?

The Challenge

Employees are overloaded with information, and their inboxes are overflowing. If you want to attract and retain top talent, you’ll need to make sure that your employees aren’t drowning in excessive amounts of information! (Smarp) Companies with a strong culture and employee experience are trying to figure out how they can increase their employees' engagement and job satisfaction levels. This effort is usually focused on improving communication and collaboration between employees and managers but not thinking about augmenting their workers and making their jobs easier. 

Our Solution

We know your employees don't need another tool, they need help organizing and prioritizing information. ModuleQ can help you retain your top talent by making sure they aren’t drowning in excessive amounts of information. It uses AI technology to help your team organize and prioritize business information. Show your people you care about them with ModuleQ. 


Productivity without the burnout

The AI-powered employee engagement experience that helps prioritize business information.