High Tech

Stay ahead of the competition by augmenting your workers with AI

High Tech


of customers say the experience a company provides is just as important as its products or services

5 billion

searches are entered into Google daily that's more than 60,000 search queries per second


different enterprise apps are being used by the average frontline worker, 8 apps being used for collaboration alone

Partnering with Microsoft

ModuleQ and Microsoft, have partnered to provide a secure AI experience that provides real-time insights, automatically personalized to the current needs of each individual professional.


“The ModuleQ AI platform has been architected from the ground up to meet the needs of the most secure enterprise customers. It builds on decades of experience working with highly secure organizations.” 

Pieter Franken | CISO, ModuleQ

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Turning customers into advocates

The ModuleQ AI Platform helps High Tech businesses engage with their customers. It uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence so the company can explore a number of different data silos without any hassle or confusion.


Wondering how to drive more pipeline as a(n)... 

Hardware Manufacturer
Identify sales opportunities, inform alliance strategies, manage risks, and optimize the sales cycle.
Independent Software Vendor
Create differentiated and relevant engagements with clients by staying on top of the news that affects their industry.
Managed Service Provider
Uncover deal opportunities with in-depth news and intelligence on product launches and company developments. 
System Integrators
Create differentiated and relevant engagements with clients by staying on top of the news that affects their industry.

ModuleQ's AI Platform helps you make sure that your sales strategy is cutting edge by making it easy to build more relevant account lists and prioritize leads. ModuleQ's AI Platform helps you turn your sales strategy into a personalized, high converting experience. 


Struggling to find business answers as a...

Customer Success Manager
  • Less time entering search terms and searching for information 

  • Have more engaging conversations and build stronger relationships

Solution Engineer
  • Strengthen account knowledge and relationships

  • Spend less time searching for information

  • See information shared based on topics that matter rather than popularity

Technical Seller
  • An Insights Engine that learns without extra work or configuration 

  • Enhanced prospecting abilities

  • Relief from information overload 

ModuleQ uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to search through the information you integrate so that your company can enjoy all of its data silos. We do this for you, making sure that we give out relevant content when it's most important in order to keep everyone on top of things during busy times. ModuleQ delivers insights, news, and proactively relevant information whenever people need them - allowing employees time off from searching instead!


Meet your internal users where they already are with...

Daily News Alerts

Curated and personalized based on what our People-Facing AI learns about how you work.

Pre-Meeting Briefing

Recent events, developments, news, and research relevant to the meeting.

Trending News

See information shared based on topics that matter and that your colleagues are also following rather than what SEO has marked as popular.

Breaking Alerts

An intelligent nudge with breaking news about accounts that you follow.

ModuleQ understands that the only way to truly reach their users and enter them into a more innovative world is by meeting them where they are. ModuleQ wants to help you stay on top of your game, so we let you know what's happening in real-time with our insights platform. Our team has created an experience for teams who already use enterprise communications tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Get out of your data silos

Let ModuleQ augment your professional by getting them the information they need, so that they can focus on innovation.