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ModuleQ Achieves Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Certification

This recently launched Microsoft program assures customers of data security and privacy compliance.

Information security is of paramount importance for artificial intelligence systems that use sensitive business data to help professionals with their jobs. ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI is secure by design and trusted by respected institutions including the London Stock Exchange Group. With leadership from our Chief Information Security Officer, and veteran financial services executive Pieter Franken, we are always testing and refining our processes and technology. ModuleQ is GDPR compliant and holds the industry-standard ISO 27001 certification for information security. Now, we have taken another important step toward even greater security with our achievement of the Microsoft 365 Certification.

Details on the rigorous certification process can are available from Microsoft here.

Microsoft describes the certification as follows: “App certification is achieved through a qualified analyst's review and approval of a comprehensive assessment centering on an app's security and compliance frameworks, processes, and procedures … when an app gets certified it’s signaling that it has undergone an intensive security review and can be trusted with customer data.”

ModuleQ’s multi-layer, secure-by-design architecture is founded on three key principles:

  1. Isolation: People-Facing AI runs in your cloud environment, without backdoors. By default, no data leaves your environment.
  2. Encryption: Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, with your organization’s keys in your tenant’s key vault.
  3. Data minimization: People-Facing AI stores only metadata, not the full text of emails or documents. Microsoft 365 email and calendar metadata is purged after 30 days.

Deployment in your cloud environment means that you are always in control of your sensitive business data, so you can ensure compliance with your information governance regime. This was an important factor in the London Stock Exchange Group’s selection of ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI to power Refinitiv AI Alerts.

“Information security is obviously a critical issue for banks and other financial firms,” said Damian Sasso, Director of Product, Collaboration Services at London Stock Exchange Group. “ModuleQ’s deployment model locates AI and machine learning capabilities inside the customer’s secure cloud computing perimeter, eliminating the possibility of third-party access to confidential and personal information. This makes the solution more easily acceptable to security officers.” 

For more information about how ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI can give your professionals a competitive edge while safeguarding sensitive business information, please contact us.


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