Practical Ways to Drive Revenue with AI

Discover three practical ways to accelerate revenue with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been disrupting many industries with its advanced capabilities. It is used in the financial industry for a wide range of tasks, from the mundane to the highly sophisticated. The use of AI in day-to-day life has grown exponentially as more people are recognizing its potential benefits for both large corporations and small businesses alike.

This article explores three major ways in which AI can help drive revenue for your company. Before we get into it, let’s look at how AI helps achieve an accelerated sales pipeline.

How AI Can Help Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

AI optimizes the sales pipeline to generate more qualified leads by finding the most promising prospects to contact immediately. This effectively shortens their sales cycle and helps with sales acceleration. The true power of AI in sales acceleration lies in its ability to cast a wide net on a customer. 

This includes:

  • Providing insights on the most important leads and prospects for the salesperson to focus on, based on the company's goals.
  • Assisting salespeople by providing them with a personalized list of leads that match their preferences and criteria, as well as their contact information and other prospecting details.
  • Giving relevant information to your prospects. This includes the information they need to decide on whether they want to buy your product or service.
  • Making it easier to get an accurate handle on the potential customers’ needs and preferences. This way, you can get a better idea of what products or services they might be interested in, and how you can sell them more effectively.
  • By collecting data about customer behavior and analyze it for patterns that may indicate their preferences. This data could be used as a basis for targeting specific groups of people with marketing campaigns.

"The next generation of growth leaders are distinguishing themselves because they understand this new reality. They’re already harnessing the power of AI in all aspects of sales and marketing – from marketing strategy to media optimization, to sales enablement. " Steve Diorio, author of "Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth" provides additional insight on how businesses can harness the power of AI to do things like accelerate sales opportunities.  

AI has the potential to completely transform how you do business. It is not just a tool to automate mundane tasks that humans do, it also has the potential to accelerate the sales pipeline. AI accelerates the sales pipeline through three channels:

  • Hyper-personalization
  • AI Augmentation
  • Intent Signals and Predictive Analytics

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

1. Hyper-Personalization 

AI achieves hyper-personalization of data by providing the user with a personalized experience. It does this by making predictions about the user and their behavior. For example, AI can predict the most likely next step for a user based on their past behavior. It can also predict what the user will want to do next based on current interests. 

Right information at the right time

AI can collect data from various sources and make it easily accessible so that employees don’t have to waste their time on data gathering or formatting.

Personalized training content

AI helps with employee training by providing personalized content that is relevant to the employee’s skill set and interests. 

Delivers automatic guidance

If an employee is struggling to find a solution, AI is intuitive enough to understand the issue. It provides guidance on how to solve an issue or problem they are faced with because of its ability to provide relevant solutions based on past cases that were similar in nature.

Tailored results

AI can also be used to analyze search queries and generate personalized results for users. Because it is continuously learning under the hood and keeping track of a user’s workflow, it delivers search results and content that is specific to every individual user.

2. AI Augmentation 

AI augmentation is the process of using AI to help humans with their work. This can be done by making humans more efficient or by increasing their capabilities. AI Augmentation tools like ModuleQ’s People-Facing AI not only streamline workflows according to individual tastes and preferences, but also makes users more efficient and more productive in their work.

ModuleQ helps achieve revenue acceleration

ModuleQ's AI platform helps businesses to gain revenue acceleration. It puts the most likely leads at the top of the list, and focuses on high-value prospects that match the needs of todays buyers. The platform also ensures you're providing a tailored experience for customers at every point in the sales funnel, from initial exploration to final purchase.

Data at your fingertips

Companies typically have to reconcile information from multiple data silos in sales, marketing, social media, and other areas. In order for AI to understand context and tailor incoming data streams to a user’s current requirements, the data needs to be brought together to make sense of it all. Doing this manually opens the floodgates for errors and missed opportunities. But, ModuleQ’s patented Personal Data Fusion technology bridges the gap in information to deliver only the relevant information to the user.

It taps into a vast collective network of intelligence

ModuleQ has seamless integrations with all major services like Office 365, SalesForce, Google Workspace, and Refinitiv. It constantly keeps track of inbound and outbound communication like emails, messages, calendar events, and maps out in explicit detail the working style and needs of every individual user. It always gives the right information at the right time by using the power of machine learning. This boosts both personal and company-wide insights.

3. Intent Signals and Predictive Analytics 

Intent signals are a way to understand what someone is looking for. Predictive analytics is a way to predict what someone wants to buy. AI melds these two powerful technologies to provide the right content at the right time, which increases sales revenue.

  • Intent signals are the digital footprints that people leave behind when they search for something online.
  • Predictive analytics deployed by AI platforms uses intent signals to forecast customer behavior. It helps companies understand the paths customers take to make a purchase, and what products they are most likely to buy next. This information can be used by AI-powered sales assistants during live chats with prospects.

The AI-powered predictive analytics and intent signals can help marketers to understand the customer's needs and accordingly make decisions about what to offer. For example, if you want to know what kind of content will be popular for a specific topic or niche, you can use AI-powered predictive analytics to look at intent signals and find out which keywords will be most relevant.

ModuleQ brings it all together

The ModuleQ AI Platform makes it easier to find high-value prospects and prioritize leads that are most likely to turn into customers. It makes sure that your sales acceleration and revenue acceleration strategies are always working in top gear.

Head here to find out all the solutions that ModuleQ has to offer.

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